Faculty Highlight - Christine Alfreds


Christine used to be one of the first faces clients would see when they came to our old facility at Catherwood Rd. A part of No Barks About It since 2016, she has brought an enthusiasm and sense of humor to our business with no parallel. So much so, many clients have wondered where she's gone since our move to our new facility in Lansing!

Never fear: Christine is still bringing her unique and sunny energy to our canine clients every morning in the newly designed private daycare space.

From dance parties to snuggle sessions, Chris is making sure every dog is getting their share of love and personalized attention during their daycare day.

As a veteran of the daycare industry (of the human variety), Christine made the transition into doggy daycare with unique perspectives and incurable joy. She treats each dog with exceptional commitment, doling out laughs and scritches in equal measure, along with working hard to ensure the safety and happiness of each canine in her care.


Her personal favorite pups are the "littles," who are often full of the same zest for life that she brings to each new day. Still, she manages to foster a deep and caring relationship with all of her doggy friends, regardless of their size or play drive, because of the time she spends getting to know each dog as intimately as though they were her own.

Her son recently celebrated his fifth birthday and loves hearing about all the dogs she meets at NBAI

Her son recently celebrated his fifth birthday and loves hearing about all the dogs she meets at NBAI

Chrissy's special blend of light-hearted humor and contagious charisma are part of what makes No Barks About It! a success as both a small local business creating lasting client relationships and as a company committed to the individualized care and well-being of every animal that comes through our doors.

If you're ever looking to brighten your day just a little bit, feel free to ask for a dose of sunshine from our very own Christine (and maybe, just maybe, you'll get your very own dance party too)!

Some of Chrissy's favorite students are listed below:

Tonka  - Snuggler

Tonka - Snuggler

Ollie  - Easygoing

Ollie - Easygoing

Ollie  - Spunky

Ollie - Spunky

Faculty Highlight - Aaron Malcolm

Although Aaron is one of our youngest faculty members, he has proven time and again that age is just a number when it comes to the professional experience and knowledge he's added to our company.

Aaron joined our team in the summer of 2017 and quickly rose to the top as one of our most valued and knowledgeable staff members.


With previous experience managing large numbers of dogs in a Miami shelter and, later, a doggy daycare facility in Florida, Aaron is comfortable taking charge of large groups of up to 45 dogs all by himself! Fortunately for him, No Barks About It prides itself in maintaining a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, which allows staff to effectively monitor and engage each dog in their play group. With these smaller ratios, he easily excels as a daycare supervisor and faculty member.


Aaron has brought many traits to NBAI, including his natural animal intelligence along with an easy-going attitude and general comfort level with the dogs. All of which have added to the supportive and familial environment we work hard to foster, as well as maintaining a calm and manageable play atmosphere (even when the occasional scuffle occurs). It is just as important to us that our staff cooperate well with each other as much as their canine charges and Aaron has certainly helped build our NBAI family to be the strong and supportive group we are today.


Aaron's not just an accomplished daycare supervisor, though. He is also trained and experienced in bathing and providing basic add-on services like nail trims, anal gland expressions, and professional de-shedding treatments. When it comes to dogs, no job is too small or too intimidating for him to take on like a pro.

One of his favorite activities is giving a dog a relaxing scrub and brush, knowing he's helping them to look and feel their very best!


Aaron's future is full with big plans. This June he will be marrying his long-time sweetheart Kaylee and is planning on working towards becoming a veterinary technician through Purdue University's online program. In the meantime, some of his favorite aspects of his job here at NBAI include working with dogs who present with behavioral challenges, using his penchant for problem-solving and creativity to come up with effective and rewarding solutions. He recognizes that there is "no one way to train a dog" and that it is often more a matter of figuring out what works for you as a trainer and for the dog as a learning partner. He also enjoys talking with clients and seeing how they interact with their own dogs. His commitment to each dog's well-being and personal interest in developing client relationships is part of why he has been learning to conduct new student evaluations under the tutelage of Oluademi, our dayschool coordinator. An important part of performing quality evaluations is understanding dog body language as well as how the dog interacts with the daycare environment and other dogs. Aaron excels in giving individual attention to each dog's personality and is as equally enthusiastic about dog learning theory, leading him to a position of incomparable value as an employee and part of No Barks About It!

Some of Aaron's favorite dogs are pictured below:

Juneau -  Charming

Juneau - Charming

Scout -  Energetic

Scout - Energetic

Simon -  Eager

Simon - Eager