PupK Headstart Program

This exclusive four-week program will lay the groundwork for your new puppy to become a well-mannered member of the family and a confident young adult, teaching them crucial social and communication skills to use in their many years to come.


During this intensive one month program, your puppy will:

  • Learn useful social skills in a small group setting with other puppies

  • Get a solid foundation in basic obedience (Sit, Down, Off, Leave It, etc.)

  • Learn good household manners (puppy mouthing, leash walking, sit to greet, etc.)

  • Work on confidence-building and impulse control exercises

  • Practice handling for grooming and veterinary visits



  • You should bring your puppy’s meals and treats (or a favorite toy if they prefer their toy to a treat) with them to PupK; they’ll eat their breakfast and lunch during their rest breaks and we use positive reinforcement training with the help of treats and toys. Dinner can be fed here or at home.

  • The Parent-Teacher Conference on week two is not required, but we strongly recommend you attend - this is a great opportunity to troubleshoot any problem behaviors that are persisting at home!

  • Commitment to continuing your pup’s training at home is imperative! We will give you plenty of information and detailed instructions including the verbal cues and hand signals we use in PupK so you can reinforce your puppy’s new skills at home. Consistency is important for your puppy to be able to translate the skills they learn in PupK to your home environment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We are here to help.

Program includes:

  • A 60 minute in-person consultation prior to beginning PupK to answer your questions and for us to learn all about your needs to build a personalized program for you and your puppy.

  • A 60 minute in-person or over the phone “Parent-Teacher Conference” on the Wednesday of Week Two to discuss your pup’s progress and answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing at home.

  • Four days per week Dayschool attendance; every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for four consecutive weeks. Wednesdays and weekends are for puppy to rest, practice skills at home and bond with their family. That’s 16 days of specially-tailored training and fun socialization activities!

  • VIP Grooming Package: one visit each week to the grooming salon while they are here for PupK, beginning on Week Two of attendance. Check out the VIP menu option on our Grooming page for more details and listed value.

  • 10% off group classes with Dog Owner Coach or No Barks About It.

  • Access to our PupK Client Only Facebook Group where you can ask our trainer questions and get feedback plus updates on your pup's progress.

Introductory Program Price: $1100

Ready for a well-behaved pooch? Request your PupK Consultation to begin your puppy’s personalized program!



Puppy must be between 10 and 16 weeks of age and in your home for at least one week at the beginning of the program to join

Attendance in all four days per week for four consecutive weeks is mandatory. Consistency is key for your puppy to learn!

Puppies must have at least their first series of puppy vaccines and stay on their vet’s required schedule for the next two series of vaccines. All dogs must receive a rabies vaccine by 6 months of age.

Drop off is 8am-10am, and pick up is 4pm-6pm. We suggest a 6-8 hour day, as more than 8 hours can be overwhelming as your puppy learns to rest in an unfamiliar environment.

Example daily schedule

8am-10am: Puppies are dropped off and fed breakfast in their crates upon arrival.

10am: Potty break

10am-12:30pm: Training, socialization and play time; this will be individualized to the needs of your puppy. Some pups will be ready and willing to learn and socialize right away, others will need to burn off energy first with some free play. Activities will rotate frequently to keep puppy engaged and cater to their young attention span, with short breaks mixed in.

12:30pm: Potty Break

12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch and nap time in their respective crates

1:30pm: Potty Break

1:30pm-4pm: More training, play or socialization time. If your puppy has maxed out on their learning and social capacity for the day, they are allowed to mentally relax through some free play with toys and staff or a frozen Kong.

4pm: Potty Break

4pm-6pm: Dinner and nap time in their crates while waiting for pick-up