General Studies

These courses are part of the General Studies program and participation is required for all DaySchool students. Grading for these courses will be reported quarterly.

Attendance: Regular attendance is important to students' success as part of the off-leash play environment. Much like missing a few episodes of your favorite show and then watching the newest installment of the story: having your dog miss just a few days of daycare can be confusing, throw off their entire schedule, and shift their understanding of the play groups and off-leash manners.

Punctuality: Tardiness interrupts class schedules, making it difficult for students to focus on activities and appropriate play behavior. All students must be in attendance and ready to participate by 10am. Parents should notify staff of planned absences by calling at least 24 hours in advance, if possible.

Civic Studies: Students learn to communicate appropriately with each other, regardless of breed type or background. Additional learning may extend to other dog-to-dog interactions outside of the daycare environment (such as the dog park or family and friend gatherings).

Psychology 101: Students work on engaging and controlling parts of their learning that may otherwise be under-utilized (especially in working/hunting/herding breeds). Foundations for polite behaviors are set such that parents may continue reinforcing good behaviors at home. Mental activity and exercise is just as (if not more) exhausting and important as physical exercise, and often assists in attentiveness outside of the daycare environment.

Intro to Logic Theory: A student favorite! Faculty apply students' learning styles to multiple activities to encourage problem-solving, exploration, curiosity, and confidence.

Field Lab: Lessons are taken from the General Studies program and translated to real-world applications. Priceless for students who prefer working out-of-doors and parents who are looking for a more reliable response from their dog under distractions.


Outdoor Program: Students are taught outside of the daycare environment with special one-on-one instruction to help improve learning and performance under distraction. The Outdoor Program may also include urban excursions on leash to practice real-world applications.

Intramural Activities: Instruction focuses on individual learning style and performance, tailored to students with outstanding performance in the General Studies program and those with athletic interests. May be assigned at senior faculty's discretion.

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Fast Track Academy: 

Living with your dog shouldn't be frustrating. Our intensive, exclusive, program will teach your dog how to be a well-mannered family member by working on basic and advanced obedience, common behavior issues, crate training and more!

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General Conduct

Adherence of both parents and students to our general policies and communications skills. Students who regularly perform poorly may be required to participate in the Day Training program until improvement is seen. Parents may also be assigned Homework Assignments and/or Parent Teacher Conference to work with their dog to help improve overall performance in the daycare environment.