Availability: The Self Wash room is available during posted hours on a first-come, first-serve basis. We try to limit use of the Self Wash room to 30 minutes, so we ask that if you know it will take you more than an hour to wash and dry your dog, that you try to come during the week as opposed to Saturday when the self-wash room is in high demand and customers are often waiting.

Vaccinations: Proof of vaccinations is not required, but we highly recommend that your dog has an up-to-date distemper and bordatella vaccine in addition to rabies (which is required by state law).

Equipment: We do not provide scissors, clippers, nail clippers, FURminators, or high velocity dryers for the self-wash as these items can cause injury to your dog when used improperly. We do provide a comb, slicker brush, rubber curry, ear wipes, towels, and hand dryer for your use.

Attire: Please wear close-toed, non-slip shoes like sneakers for the self-wash. We provide rubber mats, but where ever there is water, there is an increased chance for slipping. Please use caution and try to keep as much water in the tub as possible. Aprons are also provided.

Assistance: Our staff will be happy to help you lift your dog into the tub or answer any questions, however we cannot assist with the actual bathing of your dog unless a bathing appointment has been scheduled. We will also provide extra towels or shampoo at no charge, if asked. The groomers can do nail trims or simple mat removal upon request (shaving out a mat or two in common areas such as armpits, behind ears, or in between back legs - dogs with excessive matting must schedule a full groom). Please note that the groomers are not always on site during self-wash hours, so please call ahead to make sure a groomer will be here if you plan on bringing your dog in for additional services.