Grooming Glossary of Terms

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Body Contour Trim

Trimming of the pads and toe hair, plus light trimming of feathers on front and back legs, long hairs on belly and chest, tail and ears to neaten the appearance of the dog without shortening the overall length more than a small amount. Also referred to as a Breed Groom.

Breed Groom

See Body Contour Trim

Clean Face
Clean Feet

Typically done on poodles. The face is shaved clean and very close to the skin. Clean feet are completely shaved exposing the nails and the entire foot up to the ankle area. 


The process of removing mats from the pet's coat through the use of specialized tools and careful brushing. We won’t de-mat excessively matted dogs; if you think your dog is excessively matted please schedule a free consultation with your groomer prior to your appointment. We’ll be happy to take a look at your dog’s coat and discuss options with you.

Double Coat

Consists of two layers: a dense undercoat of short hairs, typically with a wooly texture, and a top coat of longer hairs called guard hairs. The denser the undercoat, the fluffier the coat will appear to be and the more grooming the dog will require. The undercoat serves mainly to keep the dog protected from extreme temperatures – both hot and cold – while the top coat helps to repel moisture and dirt.

Please note that we do not recommend shaving a double coated breed under 5/8” (unless necessary due to matting).

Drop Coat

Breeds and mixes with straight or slightly wavy hair such as Shih-Tzu, Maltese, Lhasa Apso, Cavelier King Charles Spaniel, Tibetan Terrier, Papillion, Pekinese, Havanese, or Yorkie.

Field Cut

A cocker spaniel pattern with the skirt and legs shaved to ¾” or shorter. (Full Skirt is the cocker pattern with the legs and skirt left at 1" or longer). Ears can be left full, shaved short or cocker ears which are the top 1/3 of the ears shaved and the rest left full.

Hand Scissor

When clippers are not used to set the length on the body: only scissoring. Clippers are still used for the sanitary trim, pads and feet, and clean face. Shorter trims are always finished with scissors, but the use of clipper guard combs drastically shortens the amount of time the groom takes to complete, hence why a hand scissor haircut is more expensive.

Matted Shave

If your dog is excessively matted and requires a very short shave all over, a matted shave fee will apply. Shaving a severely matted coat is a time-consuming process requiring extra time and skill to be done safely and causes undue wear on equipment.

One Length

The body and legs are the same length (as opposed to the pattern cut specific to the breed). The face may be shaved short or styled appropriately for the breed.