Eligibility: Only currently enrolled dogs who attend a minimum of one Dayschool day per week and are comfortable being crated are eligible for boarding. Our goal is for every dog in our care to have a safe and stress-free boarding experience. Dogs who regularly attend Dayschool are accustomed to the staff, the routines, and the environment, therefore they are less likely to be stressed while away from home for long periods. If your dog is very hesitant about sleeping in their crate at Dayschool during regularly scheduled nap times, they are unlikely to settle in and sleep overnight for boarding.

Availability: Overnight boarding will be offered seasonally during the summer and major holidays. Space is limited to a maximum of 18 spots available and reservations are required. This allows us to provide plenty of one-on-one attention to each dog in our care.

Tuesday November 26th through Monday December 2nd 2019

Friday December 20th through Thursday January 2nd 2019

Public School Breaks:
Friday February 14th - Monday February 24th 2020
Friday April 3rd - Monday April 13th 2020
Friday October 9th - Wednesday October 14th 2020

Summer: Thursday May 23rd - Tuesday September 8th 2020

Dayschool Attendance While Boarding: All dogs are required to attend Dayschool each day they stay with us, including their drop-off day. Weekend Dayschool is only for boarding dogs and is required to reserve boarding services. The cost of each day of Dayschool is in addition to the cost of each overnight boarding fee and is payable with regularly purchased daycare packages or extra Club Canine member days.

Dayschool is mandatory each day of the dog's stay including their check-in day; we want them to be good and tired by bed time. A full day of play will help your pup adjust to sleeping overnight at the facility.

Deposits: 50% of the fee for the entire reservation is required as a deposit to make the boarding reservation. This deposit is refundable if cancelled at least 3 weeks before the reservation begins. Deposits for reservations cancelled after the 3 week mark are non-refundable and will be converted to account credit for future services.

Payment: Payment in full for the entire stay is required at drop off. The deposit paid at booking will be applied with the remainder due at drop off. If you pick your dog up early, any payment for unused days are non-refundable but will be credited to your account for use toward future services. Unused Dayschool days will be credited back to your account for future use toward Dayschool attendance.

Drop Off Hours:

  • All dogs dropped off for boarding on a regular Dayschool day (meaning a day that Dayschool is regularly open, not a weekend or a holiday) must arrive during the normal 7am-10am drop-off hours.

  • If you need to drop your dog off on a weekend, the drop-off hour is 9am-10am and reservation is required

  • If you need to drop your dog off on a holiday, the drop-off hour is 9am-10am with reservation and a $25 charge applies

Pick Up Hours:

  • If you pick up your dog on a regularly scheduled Dayschool day (not a weekend or holiday), you may pick up 7am-10am and there will be no Dayschool charge for that day.

  • If you pick up after 10am, Dayschool charges apply (Half Day charges apply if you pick up 10am-2pm, Full Day charges if you pick up 2pm-7pm).

  • If you pick up on a weekend or holiday, the pick up hours are limited to 9am-10am or 4pm-5pm and must be scheduled prior to pick up. If you pick up on a holiday, an additional $25 charge applies. Dogs picked up in the 9am-10am window of time will not be charged for dayschool that day.

  • Pick-ups must be arranged (and additional fees paid, as required) when the initial reservation is made. These windows of time are strictly enforced (no exceptions!) so please plan accordingly.

Food: Your dog’s dry food should be brought as pre-measured portions in ziplock sandwich bags: one meal per bag. You should also bring one day’s worth of extra food just in case you are delayed coming home from your trip. If your dog eats canned or wet food, write on the label of the container how much is given per meal and your dog’s name. If you do not pre-portion your dogs dry food, we are happy to do it for you for an additional $5 fee.

Medications: There is no charge for administering medications during your dog’s stay, but we do not administer any injections. Please bring enough medication for your dog’s stay plus one extra day in case you are delayed in returning.

Bedding: We do not allow any owner-brought bedding. We will provide all the necessary bedding for your dog.

Multiple Pet Family: Only one dog per crate is allowed. For safety reasons, only one dog will be kept per crate, even if they are from the same family or are kept together at home..

Stressed Dogs: Some dogs may find being away from home to be stressful despite our best efforts to keep them happy and comfortable. If we feel that your pet is too stressed while staying overnight at the facility, we reserve the right to take them to an employee residence for the remainder of their overnight stays. They will be brought back to the facility each day for Dayschool. An extra charge of $20 per night will apply and will be due at pick-up.

Veterinary Care: If your dog is injured or becomes ill while in our care, we reserve the right to take them to our emergency vet at Colonial Veterinary Hospital. All veterinary charges are the responsibility of the pet owner. Every effort to contact the pet owner to discuss the pet’s condition before taking them to the hospital will be made, but in the event that we deem the dog’s condition an emergency or if we cannot reach you in a timely manner and the pet needs more than basic first aid, we will transport the pet to Colonial for treatment.

Environmental Control and Safety: All dogs will be housed overnight in a climate-controlled environment with 24hr security video monitoring. Temperature and movement alerts are synced with the company owner and manager’s phones in case of an emergency. Local first-response authorities are aware to evacuate crated animals first in the case of a catastrophic event. All attending staff are trained in pet CPR and First Aid as well as safe handling practices. No remote access is available for video monitoring by clients or the public.