All dogs wishing to attend the DaySchool program for doggy daycare must complete an application and have successfully passed their Entrance Exam evaluation. Accepted students will be required to maintain a regular schedule of attending days. 

Entrance Exam evaluations are scheduled with drop off at 10:30am and pick up at 12pm; this allows your dog ample time to interact without becoming over-tired. Faculty will introduce your dog to the play areas, other dogs, and staff to evaluate their behavior in the group environment. We look for how well they interact with other dogs, staff members and the environment in addition to evaluating their play style, tolerance level for off-leash interactions, how much they enjoy group play and, of course, monitoring for any aggression. Some anxiety is to be expected when introducing a dog to a new environment full of unfamiliar smells, people, and other dogs. Our goal is to make the acclimation as positive as possible, as we all want to help your dog enjoy his time with us. 

At the completion of your dog's evaluation, we'll discuss with you whether off-leash play is a good fit for your dog and what days they would be suited to attend. You will receive a detailed evaluation assessment and a welcome packet with all the necessary information on our program and other offered services. 

An Entrance Exam evaluation fee of $15 (plus tax) will be collected at the end of the evaluation, regardless of their acceptance status.


View and complete the Dayschool Application form here